The ongoing Egyptian crisis

Then finally it is clear that the Arab spring is not yet a true movement aimed to reach a type of democracy, as we imagine, but for a new order that is not necessarily, even with low probability, will be based on it. The new order will certainly be of fideistic nature and more or less radical in relation to the different sensibilities and local cultures.
Once again the hypocrisy of our opinion leades collides with history, news and reality.


The italian society

The italian society


A reflection on this theme, although not extensive, leads me to share the thinking of the President of Censis, Giuseppe De Rita, who in his book “The eclipse of the Bourgeoisie”, centers, with clarity and simplicity the crisis of our contemporary society: the Italian middle class, after the efforts do the ’60s, is tired and not having made the unfinished step forward with the creation of an enlightened bourgeoisie (like the English nineteenth century). It, the middle class, has acquired some materials elements not having turned into a ruling class and being the victim of historical elites who today continues to manage the state. Now, this tiredness, sluggishness and inertia, can be overcome in what way? A new humanism, a new project with the human being at the center.

The italian government and the european future.

Who knows ? Perhaps this -technical government- represents the future. A challenge for the actual political situation that someone called Second Republic but which, in fact, nothing was buta limbo.
Instead today, one can see the first signs of a possible future marked by something new. Prof. Mario Monti -the technician- the possible candidate for a new future. Well! the paradox is strong, his government is new and different because brings us the five-party and the good thing is that probably this solution also represents the future. Nothing else then the old democristian center party.
We are still experiencing on edge situation for the Euro future although positive signs have started to arrive; the willingness to go beyond the single currency to finally have a unique and commom economic policy and view.
Once again, the dream of a Europe -united in diversity- seems to proceed forward. The only concern with respect to the past experiences is about the politicians that today are on the political scene. Will them be able to have a vision that goes beyond the polls?